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What is a high conflict divorce?


Despite all of the attention paid to divorces that conclude in a judge's courtroom, the reality is that around 95% of all cases settle before a judge's courtroom. Couples can hash out their differences on their own or employ alternative dispute resolution techniques like mediation or collaborative divorce.

However, for those couples that end up in court, whether through a negotiated settlement, arbitration, or a trial, there's a significant probability that some level of tension will be present. We advise to listen from specialists too, high conflict divorce attorney fort collins is the expert we suggest to understand the case.

How to know it’s going to be a high conflict divorce

Some spouses can get through the divorce process and manage feelings of anger and depression before moving on to the next step in the healing process. As a result, there may be a lot of hatred in the divorce process. Make sure the case does not go out of control and become a criminal case, but if you’re in this situation already then look for a criminal attorney fort collins for further advice.

People with high conflict personalities are prone to a variety of actions.

  • An obsession with laying blame on others
  • An act of blaming those results in verbal, physical, financial, or legal attacks.
  • Emotions that are unmanaged and stiff
  • There's a lot of all-or-nothing thinking going on.
  • Excessive behaviors that show in several ways
  • Personality disorders such as narcissism have some symptoms or are fully formed.
  • They won't be able to change their conduct and move forward if they are stuck in the past.
  • Constantly defending and attacking the other spouse's actions, and discussing it with anybody who will listen.

How can you deal with the high conflict divorce?

Allow your partner to take responsibility for their actions. Don't take anything too seriously. It is their issue, not yours, that they are angry and blaming you. You already have enough baggage to deal with. Carry yours separately from theirs.

You are not required to become a victim of abuse. If you aren't being treated with respect, stop communicating with your spouse until they can change and control their conduct.

Don't get taken for a ride. They've probably spent years honing their skills, and they may come across as logical or sensible, which is why you must be vigilant and identify when you're being duped. Without feeling guilty or scared, learn to stand up to them and say "no." We remember from a ride, that if you’re in trouble with any dui case, we suggest checking out dui attorney fort collins.

Don't allow yourself to be bullied. Set a boundary and end the conversation as soon as your partner violates it. Don't let the situation get out of hand. You're not going to win. They aren't going to win. Without a productive framework to guide you, you'll just make things worse.

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